ARMA: More Than Just Another Anthology

Online from the start and in use for more than a decade, ARMA is more than just another anthology. In developing ARMA, A-R assists instructors in reaching their students by providing a resource that can be customized for various needs. As a result, ARMA’s scope reaches beyond a conventional print collection of music examples by size alone. With more than 7000 pages of music in 600+ individual music files, ARMA offers many choices that instructors can use for courses in music history and theory from surveys, through courses on specific topics.

More than just and another anthology, ARMA contains more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, including surveys by style, explorations of music theory, articles on genres and forms, studies of significant composers, and fresh explorations of important works. Each article includes an interactive bibliography that instructors use to bring information literacy in their courses. With more than 1200 pages of text, offers more choices than possible with conventional printed materials to support various approaches, including topical ones. Recent articles include studies of Black music traditions, women composers, and other topics.

Beyond the music and articles, ARMA contains structured commentaries that offer uniform coverage of specific pieces. The commentaries have a uniform approach in four parts: (1) identify the work; (2) establish its context; (3) discuss its structure; and (4) explain its significance. While shorter in length than the articles, the commentaries contain valuable tools, including explanatory tables and other tools that allow instructors and their students to explore the music in depth.

With all these features, ARMA is more than just another anthology. Instructors who use it find that it is a valuable tool for engaging with their students!  Use your instructor login to build your courses in ARMA or request instructor access to bring this powerful tool to your students!