How to Become an ARMA Expert!

ARMA has many remarkable elements that will make your teaching experience more streamlined, personalized, and flexible. Whether you are considering ARMA for your classroom, or if you are already making use of this groundbreaking resource, we have some tips that can help you to utilize all of the Anthology’s unique features in your teaching! Keep reading to learn more about what is possible in ARMA!

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Finding what is new in arma

New updates are added to the Anthology on a regular basis. Check this page to add the latest and greatest content to your courses, and get a sneak peek of what is soon to come!

New Content

Using pre-set course packs

ARMA offers a variety of options when it comes to building your course. While you can fully customize your course by browsing the Anthology and adding your desired articles, commentaries, and scores, there is an even faster way to get your class up and running!

Pre-Set Course Packs allow you to use ARMA’s suggested materials to create your course, and give you the ability to make your own edits. This is an excellent option for those looking for an efficient way to create a course, with the freedom to make changes at any time.

finding more information

If you are looking for one place to find all the most important information about ARMA, see our About Page. You can find information about:

  • ARMA’s Main Features
  • Site Licenses
  • Presentation and Accessibility
  • User Testimaonials

Getting help with using ARMA

If you need any help with the website, or with building your courses, we have multiple resources that can help!

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