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Introducing ARMA|P!

Welcome to ARMA|P, the new companion blog for the A-R Music Anthology! We are excited to embark on this blog journey to find new ways to connect with our users and share our passion for music. You can think of ARMA|P as a guide—or map—to the content the A-R Music Anthology has to offer.

On our blog, we will point out new and interesting content recently added to the Anthology—and some hidden gems, too! You will also hear from some of the many individuals (authors, editors, instructors, board members, etc…) involved with the A-R Music Anthology community. Whether it is an interview with an article author or a behind-the-scenes look with one of our editors, you will hear unique perspectives that place the Anthology’s contents in a new context.

We are also committed to helping you be as successful as possible using ARMA in the classroom. We can help you explore the Anthology’s features, both old and new, that can enhance your classroom experience. You can also get teaching tips and insights from some of the instructors using ARMA as part of their own music curriculum.

The new ARMA|P blog is yet another way we can connect with each other. You can still find all the familiar resources, such as our FAQ page, New Content page, User’s Group, and Instructional Videos, on the A-R Music Anthology website.

We look forward to this exciting new opportunity to explore ARMA with you all!