Get the Most from Your ARMA Site License

The benefits of your ARMA site license includes unlimited views and prints, as well, as access to all the new features as they become available. Get more from your site license by sharing information about ARMA with all your instructors.

In addition to courses in music history and theory, you can show your instructors how to use ARMA to assemble music scores, articles, and commentaries for topics courses, courses on repertoire, and other areas. As a customizable resource, ARMA lends itself to optimizing the content to meet students’ needs. ARMA also allows instructors to create anthologies for texts that do not have them. Plus, instructors can anchor their special topics courses in ARMA to give their students easy access to an large amount of music.

Instructors in other humanities can also use ARMA to build their music modules when they explore the details of various cultures. ARMA gives those instructors the ability to share music and articles without making their students purchase a print textbook for a module in a larger course. 

In addition, ARMA offers more, since instructors can give their TAs access to the courses at no additional cost.

With a site license, you can save your instructors time and your students valuable money! Contact us if you have questions about making the most of your site license. And if you do not yet have a site license, please request a trial to have first-hand experience of ARMA!